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Living Like A Boss & Start Living Like An Owner

Download The Reveal All Video Below To Stop Living Like A Boss & Start Living Like An Owner

Are You Tired Of Always Feeling Tired & Ready To Unlock Results?

Do you remember why you started a business? 

It was probably for the same reason most people do. You found something you were good at and wanted to use it to improve your life.

You wanted to live a better life than if you’d worked a 9-5…

But then reality hit, and you found that running a business takes a HUGE hat collection.

You wear the hat of the manager, the stock controller, the trainer, the receptionist…the list goes on and on.

Even building a team didn’t help the way you thought it would. 

Your responsibilities, stress, and outgoings have grown, but your business growth has stopped.

Now, you’re so exhausted that you don't even know what to do to ‘fix’ things.

Sound familiar?

The truth is that the reason you’re feeling so overwhelmed isn’t because of what you’re doing. It’s because of what you aren’t.

Hi, I’m Doug Barra

Hi, I’m Doug Barra

I work with local entrepreneurs to help them free themselves from the prison their business has locked them in.

I’ve been working with South Florida business owners just like you for over 16 years, delivering cutting-edge strategies that are both PROVEN and results-driven…

…so they can go from overwhelmed to 100% in control.

As a business owner, you can get caught up in the day-to-day operations and lose track of the bigger picture.

You get too attached to things that work…

That you never stop to think about if they are working well.

And when you're busy playing multiple roles in your business, it can be hard to find the right people to help you change how you see things.

But you’ve got a special opportunity today…

I want to share my tried and tested 7-step system to help you zero in on leaks in productivity and profitability in your business, and create systems to deal with them easily and efficiently.

By combining your passion for your business with my knowledge of what’s currently working in the entrepreneurial world:

This is your chance to get more from your team and win back your time.

Gain Clarity Over Your Business & Relieve Your Stress With Our 7-Step System

What You Can
Expect From Your CCS

What You Can Expect From Your CCS

(Complimentary Coaching Session)

Unlock Our 7-Step ‘Time, Team & Money Money’ System:

We’ve found that every problem you experience in business comes down to these 3 things. Our 7-step system helps you tackle them head-on.

Get All Your Coaching Questions Answered:

If you've never received business coaching before, it can be overwhelming. Let us put your mind at ease and explain the entire process to you.

Meet Our Team & Decide If We’re A Good Fit:

Business coaching isn’t for everyone. The relationship between business owners and coaches is very intimate, so we need to ensure this is a good fit.

Discover The Answers You Need With 0-Obligation:

Time is money, but this call is FREE. This is because we want you only to get relevant information about your situation.

Learn Team Optimization To Maximize Results:

Learning to optimize your team can bring incredible results from the same (or, in many cases) LESS work. Improve income and team happiness at the same time.


So Much More!

You’ll leave your Complimentary Coaching Session with actionable strategies you can implement in your business from day 1.